BR Music Group


Jovan Vujatovic


Jovan Vujatovic is from Vancouver Canada and has spent over 25 Years in the music industry. Jovan started performing with live bands at the age of 17.

In 1995/96 Jovan graduated with a degree from Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. In 1996/97 Jovan graduated with a degree from The Los Angeles Academy of Music in Pasadena California. Jovan also graduated from Compu College in Studio City California with a diploma in business management and graphic design. Jovan is the owner of 396 Productions - A music and film production company. Jovan is also the owner of Dixie Horn Studios where he produces music. Jovan Spent the last 18 Years in film and television working as a department head on multi-million-dollar budgets for Fox, NBC, Disney, and Warner. Jovan spent the last 5 years working on Amazon's Emmy Winning series called "Man In The High Castle" where he looks after a multi-million dollar series. 

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Brian Whitlock

Chairman Of The Board

Brian Whitlock is from Vancouver Canada and has spent over 20 years in the Film and TV business working for major corporations such as Warner, NBC, Fox, and Amazon. Brian Whitlock works as department head overseeing multi-million-dollar budgets. In addition to his long film career, Brian is the Director and Chairman of the board for a publicly traded company - Affinor Growers (AFI). Brian Whitlock is also the President of Softail Enterprises Inc, which is a successful Film and TV production equipment rental company in Canada.

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Vincenzo De Palma

Managing Director

Vincenzo brings over twenty years of Senior Management experience in many Industry Sectors serving as a Senior Executive and Advisor. He delivers broadly based industry experience and a vital network of some of North America’s most respected industry specialists in related vertical markets such as Energy & Natural Resources, Engineering, First Nations Relations, Technology, Finance and Government Relations. Prior to co-founding Three Rivers Resources in 2013, Vincenzo held several Senior Management positions for private sector companies with offices in Vancouver and Calgary, and affiliates in Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. He played a key role in advancing the global growth of a North American commodities producer. A proven leader in business, Vincenzo will focus on directing Bristol Records in corporate direction and growth. In addition, Vincenzo will assist in overseeing the development and implementation of business plans, financing and strategic partnerships to support the realization of our company vision and mission.

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Deanna Kouris

VP Marketing and Media

Deanna Kouris is a graduate from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor of fine arts from 2009 to 2011, and general arts for UBC as a trained actor. She is also a singer-songwriter and performer.


Deanna spent several years as the brand ambassador for an innovative music industry APP company called MURGE which is based in NYC, Atlanta, and Vancouver. Her role with MURGE allowed her to represent and work with a wide range of artists in both Canada and the US. Deanna’s mentorship in business was led by MURGE executives David Kaplan (Terasen Gas) and Dan Carriere (Goldman Sacks), as well as music industry executives Kelly G, Cheryl Singelton, Jim E O, & Ed Lover.


During her time with MURGE, Deanna worked with world renowned producers and performers such as Timbaland whose credits include Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna. She also worked with Grammy winning songwriter D.O.E.


Prior to joining Bristol Records in 2019 as VP of Marketing and Media, Deanna worked for Live Nation.  


Deanna’s music career has seen her perform at venues in New York, Atlanta and Vancouver. She was also an official performer several years running at SXSW. Deanna worked and performed with the incomparable John Thirkell (British trumpet and flugelhorn player) who has appeared on hundreds of pop, rock, and jazz recordings. Through the 1980s and early 1990s he was on at least one album in the UK Charts continuously, without a break, for over 13 years. In 2009 he had two consecutive UK No.1 singles with Pixie Lott and was the first person to be in- ducted into the Musician's Union "Hall of Fame." In 2015 he scored his 22nd UK No.1 playing on Bruno Mars' "Uptown